Are you having digital TV reception problems?

AA Able Antenna Services can fix your digital antenna reception.

Are you frustrated with poor picture quality, find that reception 'drops out' or your reception is not as good as your neighbours'? Digital TV reception problems can be a little bit more 'touchy' than the old analogue. With the phasing out of analogue, digital is received on different frequencies. Therefore, where your current antenna was doing a good job to pick up analogue, it may not be so good at picking up digital frequencies. If you've upgraded to a new digital TV or set top box, your old TV antenna may also need upgrading.

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Causes of digital TV reception problems

One of the advantages of having digital TV is that it's able to 'correct' a disturbance in the signal to keep the picture quality, however, if the disturbances increase, due to a weak signal or other interference, there comes a point where the signal just can't cope. Consequently, unlike analogue reception quality, which gradually fades when the signal strength or quality decreases, it takes only a small degree of change to shift digital reception from being perfect to just disappearing completely. This is called the 'digital cliff' and describes the sudden loss of digital signal reception. As the digital signal gets closer to the digital cliff, your picture may break up into small blocks, this is called pixellation. As it gets closer still, your picture may freeze, the screen may go blank or show indicators such as 'low signal or 'weak signal'. To ensure you're getting the full advantage of your digital TV, you'll need a technician to assess your equipment.

If you're experiencing regular loss of signal, there are a few things our experienced technicians will consider:

  • Is your antenna in the best position? The digital signal is different from analogue and it may not be best for digital antenna reception.
  • Do you have the correct antenna? Not all antennas are manufactured to receive the digital antenna reception.
  • Are your cables and connections digital friendly? The digital signals are sent through different cabling to the analogue signal.
  • Is your digital set top box scanning correctly? As channels change, your digital set top box needs to rescan to update the frequencies.

Let us assist with your digital Antenna reception.

At AA Able Antenna Services, all of our technicians are Australian Government Endorsed Installers who will come to your home, office or building to check your digital antenna reception. They will follow this procedure:

  • Test your digital signal strength.
  • Ensure your TV Antenna is suitable for digital antenna reception.
  • Check your cable are digital friendly and replace if required.
  • Tune your digital TV or Set Top Box to make sure all free digital TV channels are available.
  • If you need a new digital TV antenna, our technician will supply and install a new one.

We will fix all your digital TV reception problems!

At AA Able Antenna Services, all of our technicians are government endorsed, licenced and trained to help fix all your digital TV reception problems and adjust your digital antenna reception. We service the whole Brisbane region including Caboolture, Beenleigh and Ipswich. Make an online enquiry or pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly staff on 07 3029 6331.


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