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Up until 28 May, 2013, Australian television has been broadcast in both analogue and digital frequencies, but not any more. On 28 May, 2013, the analogue signal was switched off to allow for more air space for digital frequencies only and if you're not digital TV ready, you will not be able to watch TV. 

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All of our experienced technicians are Australian Government Endorsed Installers, who are happy to come to your home to assist with your digital TV antenna installation Brisbane. They will not be daunted by the height of your house, the design, pitch of your roof or the materials it's made from, with over 40 years experience in TV aerial installation in Brisbane, there's not many roofs we haven't climbed. There are a few factors they will consider to assess the problem:

  • Is your antenna in the best position? The digital signal is different from analogue and may not be optimally positioned to receive frequencies.
  • Do you have the correct antenna? Not all antennas are manufactured to receive the digital signal.
  • Are your cables and connections digital friendly? The digital signals are sent through different cabling to the analogue signal.

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New antenna installations are usually required at some stage due to the fact that the antenna spends its life on the roof, experiencing all the elements of our harsh Queensland climate. Over time, the antenna can become brittle and the connections can break, as this happens, it will in due course, affect your picture quality.

Do you need TV digital antenna installation Brisbane?

At AA Able Antenna Services, part of the service we provide with all antenna installations include:

  • Testing your signal.
  • Ensuring your TV antenna is ready for digital.
  • Checking your cable and connection suitability, if required.
  • Tuning your TV to take full advantage of all the free digital TV channels available.
  • If you need a new TV aerial installation Brisbane, our technician will supply and install one on the spot. Our products are high quality and Australian made.

After we have completed your new digital antenna installation Brisbane, you will see the following benefits:

  • Better picture quality.
  • Broadcast in widescreen 16:9 format.
  • Delivered in both standard and high definition.
  • Better sound quality.
  • High definition allows for 5.1 surround sound capabilities.
  • More channels, for free.

Need digital antenna installation Brisbane?

At AA Able Antenna Services, all of our technicians are government endorsed, licenced and trained to assess and complete your digital TV antenna installation. We service the whole Brisbane region including Caboolture, Beenleigh and Ipswich. Make an online enquiry or pick up the phone and speak with one of our friendly staff on 07 3029 6331.


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